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Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Veterans Day Celebration

Honoring Our Military Musicians


October 17, 2019 – Houston, TX – On Sunday, November 10th, the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum will honor military musicians that have inspired millions across the world with their service and tremendous talent for Veterans Day. World-renowned musician, Lieutenant James Reese Europe introduced jazz music to the French during WW1 and will be recognized for his musical contributions in the 1910s. The celebration will take place at the museum from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and admission is free.


The Veterans Day program features a presentation by composer Dr. Anthony Branker, along with food and fellowship among guests. In addition to introducing Jazz to the French, Lt Europe and his regimental band boosted morale and provided outstanding entertainment for U.S. troops. This Veterans Day program recognizes the contributions and sacrifices made by the members of the Harlem Hell Fighters, says Captain Paul J. Matthews, Founder of the Buffalo Soldiers Museum. 


James Reese Europe is cited in books about ragtime and early jazz as the most respected black bandleader of the ‘teens’ for the authenticity of his music which was rich in syncopation and jazz effects. Lt. Europe and his bandmates experienced the horrors of WW1 and were among the first African-American soldiers to enter a disarmed Germany. However, Jim’s remarkable talent allowed him fresh opportunities for playing his music to wide audiences after returning from the war. The Pathe record company secured his services as an exclusive artist and heavily promoted Europe’s music. Recordings like, “On Patrol In No Man’s Land” and “All Of No Man’s Land Is Ours,” gave musical form to the military experience of the men and became popular recordings of the day.


The BSNM staff is proud to breathe new life into this part of African-American history with this monumental event, and it is a reminder that the work of Jim Europe and other military musicians will live forever. 


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