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Muhammad Ali’s Biggest Fight

An Article by: Johnathan Allen, BSNM Social Media Intern

Muhammad Ali’s Biggest Fight


On June, 20 1967 the great Muhammad Ali was convicted here in Houston, TX for violating the Service Act. This caused him to lose his boxer license for three years. Ali started is boxing career as Classius Clay but later changed his name to Muhammad Ali due to his Muslim faith. In the late 1960s the Vietnam War was going on in America and Ali was drafted under the name Classius Clay. He refused to go fight or be entertainment for the army, by doing this he lost his heavyweight title and his future in boxing was uncertain. As a result, Ali was suspended from boxing for five years and had to pay a $10,000 fine, he then decided to take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court and it was reversed.


Before and after the trial, he lived in Houston off and on and had many legendary moments in the Astrodome. Fights like the “What’s my Name Fight” versus Ernie Terrell where Terrell refused to call Ali by his Muslim name and the Cleveland Williams fight where he debuted the famous” Ali Shuffle”. Ali had many fights here in Houston and many friends like boxing legend George Foreman and Oilers Running back Earl Campbell. Muhammad Ali will always be linked to Houston and American history for the stand he took at 701 San Jacinto in Houston, TX.

“There was only one place in the world where I could probably draw bigger crowds than I’m drawing in Houston, That’s in Cairo.”


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