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Siege of Port Hudson

On July 9 ,1863 the Union fought in the Siege of Port Hudson. This was the final battle
to secure control of the Mississippi River and The Gulf of Mexico. Port Hudson and Port
Vicksburg were strongholds for the Confederate Army. While Maj. Gen. Ulysses S.
Grant took siege to Vicksburg, Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks led the siege on Port
Hudson. Maj. Gen. Banks was unorganized and had to battle back and forth with Maj.
Gen. Franklin Gardner who led the Confederate troops. The Port was heavily guarded
and for a 2nd time that month the union troops were pushed back. Banks would not give
up and settled for a 48-day siege which is the longest military siege in U.S. history. On
July 4th Gardner learned that Vicksburg had surrendered and his battle was hopeless
and he surrendered on July 9th 1863.

During the battle, Andrew Callioux, Captain of the First Louisiana Native Guards
Regiment of the Union Army led one hundred men in the siege which many called “A
suicide mission” because of the dangerous sharpshooters. Capt. Callioux used his
knowledge of the French and English languages to command his troops to victory.
Capt. Callioux was known for his tenacity and bravery, fighting to his death even after
he was shot and impaired with one arm.

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